Monday, December 18, 2006

Charge Families 2006

The Charge Family
2006 has been a good year for us, We were able to start the year with a great family holiday down the coast in Sanctuary Point.
Bruce has had a good year with The Wrigly company continuing his work as category analyst - where he got to travel to the US as well as Western Australia, South Australia and various other places.
Sarah has been busy keeping the family together and getting the girls to there many activities.
Sarah, Bronte and Miranda had a great family holiday in Brisbane in the October holidays visiting Grandma where we got to stay on a farm in Gympie, a unit in Westend and a Hotel in Southbank. We got to see many sites.
We moved house in 2006 -within walking distance of each other so not too far - mainly to keep Bronte's schooling consistent and within walking distance. Our new has has given us more room with a granny flat and the ability to have a good clear out.

Feb 06 - Nov 06.

Miranda is a real red head! With brilliant blue eyes. A combination of both the White and Charge genes.....

Miranda has had a busy year in 2006. She started the year as a 4 month old lying on her back and has progressed through crawling at 6months to walking by 13 months, she ends the year as a 15 month old walking confidently, climbing almost everything, getting into every draw she shouldn't and adoring her big sister Bronte. She has learnt to say a few words like Mum, dad, shoe, duck, fish, kids, hooly dooleys, car, woof woof, Jessie, Bronte (of course not perfectly!).

Miranda absolutely loves to dance and our favorite is Hooley Dooleys - where we made our first concert debut in Decmber for the Hooley Dooleys Christmas show at Epping. Miranda also loves to sing, jump on the trampoline, play in water and give cuddles. She does not like eating much at the moment, wearing clothes or having her nappy changed!!

Miranda has enjoyed Gymbaroo (singing/music, climbing and phyisical activities) and Swimming Lessons (paddling, kicking, blowing bubbles, going underwater) in 2006 and time spent with her family and friends.

Feb 06 - March 06 - Nov 06 Bronte has inherited a beautiful Fijian glow, her brown eyes and hair off her fijian family.

Bronte started the year as a 5 turning 6 year old and is ending the year as a nearly 7 yr old. Bronte enjoyed her 6th Brithday at a disco.
She has refined many of her already learnt skills with her reading dramatically improving. Bronte is a great daughter who is very helpful and a wonderful sister, giving Mirnada lots of love and care.
Bronte has completed her 2nd Year in school Year 1 with Mrs Senior and has had a good year, achieving a high achievment in all areas of her school work and according to the teacher has been a pleaseure to teach. She has had many friends this year including Jasmyn, Madeline, Abbey, Libby, Ila, Lucy, Elle, Emily, Annamauie, Jacinta, Tamika and many more - Bronte is great at making friends where ever she goes.

Outside of school Bronte has been very busy doing Jazz, Ballet and Tap dancing where she performed in 2 Jazz and 1 Tap dance at the end of year concert, Swimming lessons, Gymnastics, Acting classes - storytelling, improvisation and camera techniques, and some modelling. Bronte did some cat walk modelling in March at the Parenting Expo at Fox Stuidos where she has 4 costume changes a show and did 11 shows over 3 days and has spent some holidays doing Acting/Modelling/Singing and Dancing work. Bronte also joined Girls Brigade this year where she loves to learn about God and his great work for others - a great follow up to Sunday school.
We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We look forward to catching up with everyone in 2007! and celebrating many new milestones.

Sarah, Bruce, Bronte and Miranda