Monday, June 30, 2008

Fairies New Clothes

Off to The Fairies show in her new Simplicity Costumes for Kids Pattern 3680 - the wings were made without pattern using the same fabric as the dress and tulle overlay.

I am very happy with the outcome of this sewing project - seams are French finished and I was able to master a narrow hem - the trick is to sew 1/4" from edge and fold over press and sew - the stitching helped stiffen the fabric for a second fold.

Fabric was a bargain at Spotlight for $3.00/metre so a very inexpensive and to be worn well outfit.

The Fairies Show was a hit with great songs and audience participation.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Postal Packages

This week the postman has been rather generous with his parcels and I have received
A lovely Pay it Forward gift from Amanda A beautiful red floral tote a broach and some tags

Thanks Amanda this is a wonderful gift.

A summery Apron from Grace Street Studio for the Summer Sassy Apron Swap - Note the chocolate spot - I have worn the apron all week and it is very useful.

And my Brown Owls faraway package, I love the vintage fabric and think I will use these colours to embroider my badges.

I still have 2 PIF gifts to giveaway so if you would like to recive a gift from head over to my Pay it Forward post and make a comment - the first 2 to comment and are willing to play the game will get something from me.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

This is...the space in which I create

I spend much of my time in this space (our dining room), my sewing machine sits on the table and I work around it. My fabric and all of my bits and pieces are in the cupboard and in the corner stock piling - I am thinking about a tall narrow unit to store my fabrics in like so many I see in blogs but I am frightened of buying any more furniture as I already have too much stuff - I also spend lots of my time creating/gaining inspiration/finding patterns on my computer in a room just to the right - and without a printer - use the monitor as a light box.
Thanks to quiltingmick for this weeks theme.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

MC Hammer Returns

"Can't Touch This"
Bronte is a part of her school Junior Dance Troupe and after auditioning won a place in the great area dance festival along with many other local primary and high school. They performed at The Hills Centre on Wed night and Thursday evening. I was lucky enough to get a front row seat and when Bronte's group came out to dance Bronte spent most of the dance directly in front of me - it was spectacular and the 80's return was well produced by the group of 30 5-9 year olds.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cats in Paris

I have been busy sewing over the last few weeks and have a number of projects which are in need of some photo shoots (I need some photography lessons) and postings. Here are 2 completed outfits ready for wear by the long and short - using the Ruffled Skirts Tutorial generously posted by Grand Revival Design Bronte has a new and very original outfit to wear to her Australian Girls Choir Winter showcase next week and Miranda will be wearing hers to her cousins 3rd Birthday tomorrow.The Skirts were very simple to make - I made a few adjustments/additions (just need to remember when sewing 2 different sizes to keep them apart - my unpicker was used to tear apart 1 roll of cotton as top 1 got sewn to top 2 as it was mistaken for ruffle 1). I love the way the appliqued tops turned out using the fabric picture and my own Eiffel Tower Silhouette.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

This is......My Favourite Travel Memories

I have many travel memories spanning my life most have involved high adrenalin fast paced rides.

So these are some of my most recent holiday memories -

On my last trip to New Zealand (Jan 07) I took Bronte (7yrs) on the Jet Boat ride travelling at high speeds along a river very close to large rocks had me hanging on to Bronte for dear life (you can just see her in the picture below-3rd row). The luge which was much tamer was great fun and provided liots of laughs all while being able to take in the magnificent views of Queenstown

In July of 07 we got to experience the thrill of The Gold Coast attractions of Dreamworld
-going on rides like The Tower of Terror (A family affair), The Claw and Wipeout (Yes Bronte came on all these rides too) and Movie World - Superman (going from 0-100kms in 2 seconds), Leathal Weapon and Scooby-Doo (A roller coaster in the dark)

An anniversary dinner to Dracula's" Cabaret Restaurant during this trip will never be forgotten.

Of course our Honeymoon to Vanuatu and my first trip overseas to Bali were also very memorable.

Thanks to Hila who has chosen the topic for this is.... meme initiated by three buttons