Monday, March 31, 2008

This is....The contents of my handbag

A little late with this one - we were out at the Easter Show again yesterday and after 12 1/2 hours I was not ready to photograph and post about the contents of my handbag - wish I had left it packed to blog the contents of yesterday's bag but being proficient it was all unpacked before going to bed.

Here is the contents of my everyday backbag which was featured in This Favourite Accessory.”

Nappy and Wipes - this is my nappy bag as well as handbag
Notebook - No Pen
Brochures - GymbaROO info for next term, next swim club meet info, school holiday tutoring timetable.
Petrol receipt
- $70.01 (40 litre tank) WOW petrol is just so expensive these days.
Purse + little purse
- (to fit in pocket) used yesterday at the show.
A few tampons
Mobile phone
small change

Extra Drops & gum
- my hubby works for Wrigley - it is good to see some of you with eclipse in your bags it means I can keep looking after the girls.
Cookie Man coffee card - for the all needed coffee
Littlest Pet Shop Turtle - he snuck in on Friday afternoon

This weeks This is theme was thought up by Iris + see what others have in their bags check out the list of blogs at three buttons

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Socks for Miranda

Bed time last night went something like this

"Mummy's bed likes to eats socks - hop in our bed or mummy's bed will eat your socks"

so still on the sock thing after a good nights sleep
It seems Miranda's bed also likes to eat socks as my morning wake up call this moring was whined out

"Where's my socks"

"I REALLY REALLY love my socks!"

Now I just need to find a way to keep them on.

Meet "Sydney" Opera House

She will be heading off to South Australia on Sunday as a part of a Swap I joined - just so I could make her.

This is my first dotee doll and she was inspired of course by the Sydney Opera House. The sails as her head, sequence tiles. The use of red, lace, pearls were my imagery of opera and of course she is singing.

I had to make the body and embroidery 3 times before using felt and cream cotton and was not happy with the plain cream cotton so the added sequence on the sails were an after thought - but make it similar to the tiles used on the opera house - they are truly amazing up close.

I hope she will be loved by her new owner - I am a little hesitant about sending her off so I can keep her to myself but I am sure I will receive something just as special in my post box soon.

I got to go inside the Syd. Opera House for the first time last November to watch my daughter sing as a part of the Australian Girls Choir Annual Concert - I was very excited and have fallen in love with it's glamour and amazing architecture ever since.

We were lucky enough to win Cirque Le Grande tickets in January so I can now say I have been to the Opera House twice. In November my daughter can say she has performed at the Opera House twice.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tagged - 7 facts about me.

I have been tagged by gigglepotamus
Here are the rules
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2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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I know I revealed 7 things not too long ago, but this is fun…. it kinda gets me thinking about who I really am… so, here it goes:

1. In 2003 I swam 800 metres Butterfly in 18 minutes and also a 400m butterfly in the same day - I went home with a very big headache but a strong sense of pride.

2. In 2003 I competed in Aussie Masters Games at the Institute of Sport in Canberra and came 1st in 100 & 200m Butterfly & 200m Freestyle and 3rd in 100m Freestyle for 25-29year age group - lucky for me there are not as many swimmers in this age group and my times did not even hit the mark for 30 - 35 years age groups. I did alot of swimming in 2002/3

3. I lost ALOT of weight in 2001/2 and since moving to Sydney and getting married have put it all back on again. Have stopped swimming etc. etc.

4. Since having my kids I have become a hypocondriac and continually worry about getting some terinal illness leaving my kids without a mother - this is my biggest fear.

5. Since moving to Sydney I have become a bit of a loner and tend to stick to myself alot - I worry about my kids not having too many people around/to surround them if anything happened to me or Bruce - and especially worry for Bronte.

6. I find parenting hard work but love being a mum more than anything in the whole world, I really find marriage the hardest thing ever and don't love being married so much......(well I find it rather challenging ARGH!)

7. Yes I worry too much, have self-esteem, attachment and separation issues and sometimes feel like a complete basket case and I wonder why no one gets me! Go Figure.....

OK! so the last 5 facts can be squished back into the box they came out of and hidden away....I think they stem from thinking about last weeks This is...theme by Drewzel
This is..... my Demon...I still have not posted my Demons as I have too many to think about so I would rather not think about them because points 3-7 are what happen when I stew too long on them.....

So I am off to find something to craft or do to rid those nasty thoughts from popping back and my next post unless it is the this is theme will be more positive and happy la la...

Oh if you wish to be tagged PLEASE leave me a comment I can not return this tag back to Gigglepotomus again LOL.....maybe I should be bold and just tag people I know in blog land.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2008

I am so excited as it s that time again. Yes the Easter Show is on and we only live 10 minutes away. I gave Bronte a day off school and we headed to the show for the first day!

I have discovered the first day is the best day of the show and this year it was even better. The 1st day of the show was quiet, no big queues, and the weather was great (it has since been rainy and overcast)
getting to vote for peoples choice in the fruit and veg display, my vote went to Central District -Happiness is.....complete with bubble machine - I loved the silhouettes. But they were all fabulous and it is just amazing how much detail is in these displays. The designers prepare for months and then it takes a team of people 2 weeks to create using paper machie, and local produce - most of the back drops are covered in various types of grain.
Bronte got to enter a meat pie decorating competition
and whilst in the animal nursery got filmed with Nicky Buckley for a spot on Talk to the Animals.

Bronte made a great friend with a calf and baby goat whom she sat with on separate occasions for a great lengths of time - the calf was so content with her that when she went back a second time he/she put it's head in her lap. I am sure this kid is only days old and so motionless that I feared his death - he had a pulse and lucky Bronte kept him safe and protected moving any harm gently away. Miranda chased all the animals around and had a ball brushing them.
-hence hundreds of tiny baby animals are hiding in the NO PEOPLE ALLOWED area wondering what on earth is going on - I really feel for these poor babies at the show waiting for crazed city kids to harass and pounce.
Our ride highlight (only 1) was the giant slide no pics as I was on the ride and I was very controlled and we missed the showbag pavilion but were lucky enough to be given a Dairy Farmers pack at the Woolworth's Fresh food cooking demo.
Miranda enjoyed Dora the Explora Show, Bronte and I loved the Hypnotist - I have never seen a hypnotist at work but I am sure addicted TOO FUNNY

After 12 hours at the show we were well and truly ready to come home and hit the sack. We will return within the fortnight as we are so close and got cheaper tickets for another day of fun.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Undermining the Toddler!

"Miranda, STOP squishing playdough into the ground! Pick it all up please."
"They Puddles!"
MMM OK sorry put them back.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eggsplorer James Cook.

Eggsplorer James Cook(ed)

This is Bronte's submission into her schools Easter Eggshibition, she had to make an Eggsplorer and I thought it would be good to do a Fijian explorer but with only a few days we found that Captain James Cook heard from the Tongans that Fijians were Ferocious and Cannibals and whilst he had no troubles on his visit his stories deterred other explorers from Fiji and Fiji was left alone for a little while longer than other pacific islands. Ok so I helped a little bit on this one :P We will not get to see the Eggshibition as we are playing rookie to have fun at the Easter Show which starts tomorrow.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I pulled up in my driveway after a morning Easter crafting to find a man unloading flowers in my drive???? He must have the wrong address or going to the neighbours - it's not my birthday and I have not done anything special for anyone! But he said Sarah? and Yep that is me! Who in the world would be sending ME flowers - they could only be from my husband - he must be feeling extra nice :)

(Easter Craft)

They were from Matt and Emilie, We looked after thier daughter Anastasia on Saturday night whilst they wattended a wedding - and had a last minute babysitting cancellation from thier mum.
Ana was excellent considering she had never been to our house - she had a play, watched lots of Playschool - including eating dinner infront of it, had a bath and went to bed without a fuss.
Thanks a bunch for the flowers, they are beautiful, it was a pleasure looking after Ana - I really loved being to help someone out.

I must say that Emilie cares for Miranda every friday whilst I go to Bible study so a night to me was nothing in return.

This creation

This weeks This is... theme is brought to you by Betty
So these are my most precious creations, ones I have created with the help of thier dads to guide through this crazy world, to protect, love, honour, cherish and adore and whilst they sometimes do not agree with what I do or how I do it, I do my best for them amd never stop loving them.

And here is a little applique I have created to become a teapot cosie for Bronte's schools Mother's Day stall. The needle and tread are still in waiting for stitching.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Brown - the colour of the week.

Todays Challenge - wear brown clothes and brong brown food for Treasure Bag.
Miranda and I attend GymbaROO classes each Thursday and have been for 2 years now. Each term they focus on a diferent theme and this term it is colour and food which is the colur of the week.

I finally had motivation to sew up Miranda's new outfit last night which has been in the pile of projects to do for the past month.

The Pants are of course the my favourite pattern, and the peasant top was a comercial pattern which I tweeked quite a bit :( -I didn't draft the pattern though for next time. And Yeah it all fit perfectly with room to grow.

We took Brown bread to put into the treasure bag.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Toddler 101

Wet Chalk Drawing on Black Artist paper is a great toddler craft activity.
Miranda spent over 1 hour crafting today. Cutting then ripping paper, pasting it then sticking with stickers. She is very methodical and would only put each sticker sheet on their own piece of paper.
Happenings through the week
Gumboots for all occasions.

Bag baby - It sure is hard to get out of the house with a baby!

Story time with Daddy

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A tackle on Procrastination

Yeah! I have completed 2 sewing projects which have been awaiting my attention.
Both from amy karol - Bend the Rules Sewing

1st - This sweet little jacket made for Miranda - the fabric was bought in winter/spring last year with this project in mind and now complete. I do not have a printer and hesitant to send yet another printing project to my husband so I did some of my own bending of rules and with a little measuring, guessing and drawing got this a perfect match to these sweet little pants made for winter 07 I have to say that both these patterns were super super easy even for the basic sewer and the pants are what got me started in sewing more. Miranda has quite a few of these pants in her wardrobe.

2nd - A quilt using Amy Butler prints in my favourite colour just for me. I made one for my mum for Christmas in the same fabrics but made sure I had enough to make me one too - Ok I am not quite finished I am 1/2 way through hand stitching the binding in place - I need lessons in whip stitch - no matter how many books I read I just can not work it out - but my stitch is working Ok.

This is....looking out my front door

Looking out my front door I see my husbands car and a train going by, a freshly mowed lawn, a very unkept garden, a newly tared and guttered road and the sun going down (excuse the glare).
I was lucky with the timing here because I really wanted a shot with the train going by. I Love watching the train go by and when we first moved in got excited each time a train went past - I still enjoy watching the train especially at night when you can see the people in it. We are very lucky it is rather quiet and only an inbetween line so not too busy - but it can still be heard going at 1am.
and here is looking out my front door on a rainy day in Feb. blogged here

Thanks Brooke for your input this week.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Swap Confussion!

Both my Apron Swap and Mini Swap were sent on Friday 22nd Feb - and I am excited my mini swap has arrived safely and can be seen open here.
But what in the world is gigglepotamus talking about - she loves the recipe - I was sure I didn't send her a recipe/what recipe did I send them???? an email later and I find I have sent gigglepotamus my apron swap recipe along with my mini swap! OK now I am nervous where did I send my apron swap.

ARGH! Dianna if you got your apron can you leave a comment PLEASE! and here is your lost soup recipe - for everyone to enjoy.

Chicken and Couscous Soup
Prep: 25mins
Total cooking: 30 mins
Serves: 6
1tbl olive oil
1 onion sliced
½ tsp ground cumin
½ tsp ground paprika
1 tsp grated ginger
1 clove crushed garlic
2 sticks celery, sliced
2 small carrots sliced
2 zucchini, sliced
4 ½ cups chicken stock
2 chicken breast fillets sliced
Pinch of saffron threads (optional)
½ cup instant couscous
2 tablespoons chopped parsley

Heat oil in large heavy based pan. Add onion and cook over medium heat for 10 mins until very soft, stirring occasionally. Add the cumin, paprika, ginger and garlic and cook, stirring, for 1 minute further.

Add celery, carrot, zucchini and stir to coat with spices. Stir in the stick. Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer, partially covered for about 15mins or until the vegetables are tender.

Add the chicken and saffron threads (if you are using them) to the pan and cook for about 5 mins until the chicken is just tender; do not overcook. Stir in the couscous and chopped parsley and serve.

Cooks Note: add the couscous to the soup just before
serving: it absorbs liquid quickly and becomes very thick.

My family (including little ones) love this soup and it is nice and fresh for spring. I hope you get a chance to try it out.

I used Rosemary instead of cumin, paprika and ginger and tumeric instead of saffron as I did not have these and it was quite nice as well.

Funky Monkey Quilt Top

I spent nearly the whole day sewing and I have just finished my Funky Monkey Quilt top.
Now I have to work out how in the world I am going to back such a monstrosity 130cm * 195cm (OK It is not that big - but the biggest I have made)...Hmmm what fabric should I pick and how to piece it all together - I love Flannel so the backing and binding will be flannel,which will go with the flannel charm squares I used. I will work out how much fabric I need and head back to Fat Quarter Shop

Each block is 9" and the quilt used 2 funky monkey flannel charm packs (with leftovers), and most of a jelly roll.

I think I will have to go and finish all those projects I have left unfinished whilst I contemplate that one, which includes finishing the quilt top I made for Bronte in 2005.

Miranda was a great toddler and kept herself entertained for most of the morning, afternoon and evening playing with her toys and helping me with scraps- she even took to pinning my pieces together. Here is Miranda's craft project for today - a crown made of all the cut selvage edging.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Mini Swap Recieved!

Our Mini Swap parcel from gigglepotamus arrived today and the girls were very excited opening everything with gusto.

The Philly Favorites - TASTYKAKES were delicious...."MMMMM MMMMMM! These are good MMMMmmMmmmmMMMMMMM!" were Bronte's response as she was eating. Pointy Kitty still needs a name but did get to enjoy a lovely cup of tea after his long journey - this pointy cat is too cute and I am thinking Bronte will be wrestling me for him - I will just sneak it when she leaves home and in the mean time will strategically find him a home to share.

Miranda was keen to hang up her bird mobile and when she went to sleep she wanted to "watch it" so I left the lamp on so she could watch the birds as she fell asleep.

The girls loved the magnets sets and I was surprised to learn that Miranda knows the letters w and z (Thanks to Sesame Street I am sure).
The mini flower bag is adorable even if it was hard to stitch as was the wristlet. And then there were 2 cute little flower necklaces hidden in each bag.
Thank you Max and Wyatt we love our gifts :)