Sunday, October 12, 2008

Because she is so cute!

Bronte photo's taken last month (they really capture her especially the second) - I just love her freckle nose.

This Is......My current reading material, kitchen appliance and me signing off.

This weeks this current reading material - I quite enjoy reading and will read each night when I hop into bed before sleeping - no matter what the time -it's a bit like brushing my teeth something I can not go to bed without doing.
I am currently reading

Wild Swan by Jung Chang - this current book has taken me quite a long time to read (more than 3 months - I read approx 10 books in the first half of the year). I am into my last 150 pages and have found the last half more about Jung Chen's life amongst Chinese Cultural Revolution much easier to read than the first - about her parents and grandparents life within Communist China.

Wild Swan has been a bit of a history lesson, a bit of gratitude for a life I have lived and some empathy for the Chinese Culture, especially those living around me. I have enjoyed it but am looking forward to finishing it and reading my next book - Heart of Darfur by Lisa French Baker - a nurse who works with Medecines Sans Frontier and is her own personal accout of life as a nurse in Darfur refugee camps.

From last week This is......My Favourite Kitchen Appliance

Yes the humble old Oven - this is/will be my old oven last Sunday after I had finished scrubbing it, I want to open the door just to admire the shine (mmm I know I am weird) - a fitting theme for the week.

We have the keys for the new house and have been there twice now and would you believe I could not get the oven to work - I have finally worked it out but the door does not shut that well :( I am hoping that gets fixed quite quickly as I really love using the oven.

This is me....signing off

Tomorrow I spend the day finalising boxes and dismantling beds, computers etc, the trucks will be here on Tuesday and I will not get connection back for 1 week - I am online more often than not so I will be shutting down with a sign - see you on the other side.
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Miranda's Packing Tips

Pick up anything lying around the room, throw it into a box (make sure there is nothing hanging over the edge), when 1/2 full sticky tape shut.
If only life was so simple.
Music Madness - Bird Style

Some time out in the mayhem of packing - a great free event run by Sydney Olympic Park