Saturday, January 10, 2009

Book Review: Marley & Me

I thought I would start a new meme - Book reviews of the latest books on my night stand so here is the first completed book for 2009 Marley and Me By John Grogan transformed into a motion picture out now in cinemas.
I bought this book on Christmas day whilst waiting to board the plane to mum's - not the cheapest place to be buying a book but I was on the last few pages of my book and was in need of a new one.
Marley and Me is a book about Marley and his 13 years with the Grogan family. Marley is a very anxious, energetic and very large lab who failed to pass puppy obedience due to his over enthusiastic outlook on life. He costs the family many trips to the vet and repairs to the family house and sees the family through 3 births and 3 moves 2 in Florida and 1 to Pennsylvania. Marley whilst his antics created chaos in the home was really loved by his family.
Marely and Me was an easy read and made me happy and surprisingly made me cry at the end of his life. It made me glad to have a cat (who in the last months has cost a small fortune in vet bills repairing war wounds), and a real reminder about how important it is to choose a pet very carefully but also how much love they bring into a family.
Whilst I enjoyed the book I would not run off to see the movie - I can wait for it to come out on DVD. However if you are not a book reader Marley and Me may prove a light movie to see for any pet lover.
We are heading down the coast "to the blue house" for a week along the water, some books and outdoor fun.
Lookout for my next book review coming in the near future.


Anonymous said...

What a little bunch of JET SETTERS you are Enjoy your time on the coast.

Sonya said...

Loved the movie! My girls all cried though. It's a tear jerker for sure. I need to read the book now. I'm usually the type to read the book first than see the movie, but didn't do that here. It was nice to see my girls come home and pile the love on our dog. Animals are so special in families!