Monday, March 9, 2009

A Month of Shows

What a great way to start the month.Roll up Roll Up the Circus is in town. We had a fantastic time at the circus which was set up just minutes from home.
The performances were amazing and jaw dropping - my favourite was the many colourful suits worn by The Ring Master - he donned more that 20 sparking suits in all colours of the rainbow.

A few days later Bronte and I headed off to see Bangarra Dance Theatre: True Stories
WOW it was truly amazing. We had front row middle seats and were in awe for two 40 minute productions. The first show was traditionally based whilst the second was a contemporary dance about the effects of atomic testing on the aboriginal people of Australia. I must say my favourite was the traditionally based dances, the dancers were graceful, emotional and inspiring- I will definitely be heading back to see Bangarra in the future.
An old friend used to dance with Bangarra and he studied with some of the current dancers whom I used to go out drinking with through my friend I really wanted to wait for them to come out of the show but was too shy and did not think they would remember me anyway.
Here is Bronte before the show sharing a mother/daughter bonding time for hot chocolate.

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