Monday, April 20, 2009

Winter Dresses

Here are some Winter Dresses I made for Miranda
I am really loving Black and White Print fabric with a touch of colour.

Maybe you might just find yourself some in the post?

For the last 2 years now I have taken Bronte to the Sydney Easter Show just mother and daughter, we sit and enjoy some shows and have some rides.
This year Bronte Coaxed me onto the Roller Ghoster and well the faces say it all - there were men dressed up jumping out at you - I had to keep my eyes closed for the rest of the ride.

But she was not going to get me up there (Mega Drop)- I do not think my heart would have taken the plunge. I felt like a mum letting go of her little girl whilst she sat way up there, I just kept praying that she would make it down in one piece - of course she did and with a smile from ear to ear.

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Cass said...

Lovely dress Sarah and I love that black and white fabric too