Monday, November 1, 2010

Facebook v's Blogging

Ok so how can their possibly be a comparison?
There can not be, but somehow that is where I have found myself over the last 15 months.

So much has happened over the last 15 months, We have moved house, and after 12 months I was finally able to unpack all of my sewing boxes, the kids are both 15 months older, with my baby off to big school next year.

And my big girl doing well in dance and choir - I just love her lines in this photo.

We have lost 1 cat and gained 2 (Violet and Rose),

we were the caretakers of 2 mice for about 9 months and are now the owners of 2 chickens (Chickpea and Lindsay).I guess I stopped sewing, crafting and blogging so much as well, but whilst so much has happened, so much has stayed the same.
I am back into my sewing, crafting and hopefully blogging - I hope to see you again more regularly.
Some recent projects



Karen said...

Welcome back! So happy to see you back on my Google Reader. We are also getting ready for school. We have our 3rd orientation today. So far gabe has loved going.

Sarah C said...

Thanks Karen. Glad Gabe is enjoying school.