Sunday, November 16, 2008

Performers All Round

Bronte was lucky enough to have made her 2nd debut singing in the Concert Hall at The Sydney Opera House on Saturday with Australian Girls Choir along with 600 other girls.
It was fabulous and as always delightful and so special seeing Bronte up on stage singing and dancing.
Another excuse to get out the sewing machine and sew Bronte the required white dress/skirt and top outfit.Miranda proved to be a wonderful audience member and sat beautifully throughout the performance.
With the weather threatening rain all day we were grateful to enjoy a leisurely afternoon in and around Circular Quay after the performance.

Miranda gave her own personal performance to passers-by dancing for over 20minutes to the tunes played by the busker and his saxophone. At the end of each song she graciously curtsied to those who had stopped to enjoy her show.


Anonymous said...

What a talented duo you have sarah Bronte performing inside the Opera House & the othre not to be upstage Miss M dancing for the world on the outside of the Opera House good to see the Charge family have all bases covered.

ingrid said...

What talented girls you have,. They could put on their own busking show together!

It was so lovelty to meet you yesterday at the market. Thanks for stopping by.