Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cats in Paris

I have been busy sewing over the last few weeks and have a number of projects which are in need of some photo shoots (I need some photography lessons) and postings. Here are 2 completed outfits ready for wear by the long and short - using the Ruffled Skirts Tutorial generously posted by Grand Revival Design Bronte has a new and very original outfit to wear to her Australian Girls Choir Winter showcase next week and Miranda will be wearing hers to her cousins 3rd Birthday tomorrow.The Skirts were very simple to make - I made a few adjustments/additions (just need to remember when sewing 2 different sizes to keep them apart - my unpicker was used to tear apart 1 roll of cotton as top 1 got sewn to top 2 as it was mistaken for ruffle 1). I love the way the appliqued tops turned out using the fabric picture and my own Eiffel Tower Silhouette.

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Amanda said...

Those are so cute! I love the fabric. :)