Sunday, June 8, 2008

This is......My Favourite Travel Memories

I have many travel memories spanning my life most have involved high adrenalin fast paced rides.

So these are some of my most recent holiday memories -

On my last trip to New Zealand (Jan 07) I took Bronte (7yrs) on the Jet Boat ride travelling at high speeds along a river very close to large rocks had me hanging on to Bronte for dear life (you can just see her in the picture below-3rd row). The luge which was much tamer was great fun and provided liots of laughs all while being able to take in the magnificent views of Queenstown

In July of 07 we got to experience the thrill of The Gold Coast attractions of Dreamworld
-going on rides like The Tower of Terror (A family affair), The Claw and Wipeout (Yes Bronte came on all these rides too) and Movie World - Superman (going from 0-100kms in 2 seconds), Leathal Weapon and Scooby-Doo (A roller coaster in the dark)

An anniversary dinner to Dracula's" Cabaret Restaurant during this trip will never be forgotten.

Of course our Honeymoon to Vanuatu and my first trip overseas to Bali were also very memorable.

Thanks to Hila who has chosen the topic for this is.... meme initiated by three buttons


Lisa said...

I have not gone on half of those rides you mentioned! What a trooper Bronte is.

Anonymous said...

& your mother has been on none of them, best i start living hey ?

Sonya said...

Amazing trips and photos! I want to hear more about the anniversary at a dracula cabaret restaurant...I'm jealous :). I love vampire stories!

Kirsty said...

You obviously like your holidays packed full of thrill. I'd be way to chicken to go on those rides.