Friday, September 26, 2008

On the move

We have found a home
Some serious packing will need to be done - crafting will be put on hold and packed up but with much excitement as it will be unpacked into a nice room and off the dining table.
I have plans for this room to be my new sewing/kids play room with easy access into the yard.

16km's away from our current house means a gradual infiltration into the community.
As we only looked at, applied for this house and got news of acceptance today Bronte will go back after 2 weeks holidays for 2-3 days at her old school (to get all her belongings and say goodbye) and then move to her new school, we will be able to move a few activities next term but for this year a travel in sometimes heavy peak traffic will mean some long days.

We are all excited and a little anxious to be moving in a short 2 -3 weeks time.


Cass said...

Sarah, well done I bet that's a load of your mind and it looks like a normal house to, no Harry Potter/Adams Family happening here!

Sonya said...

Congratulations! Love all the green grass...too many rocks in Arizona :).

Emilie said...

Love the house!