Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Summer Sewing

Pack or Sew?
Sew of course.

Heat exploded through Sydney for the second weekend, sweaty kids needed something cool to wear with a little sun protection - so what better reason than to make a few dresses to run around in.

2 Peasant dresses - 2 different looks.

Apron Peasant Dress

I am thinking the apron bit needs something (embroidery maybe?), and possibly a removable sash to pull it in.
The Cherry Dress

We have this book at home but it was not until I finished making the dress that I found the book after not reading it in quite a while and noticed the resemblance - I just hope my craftsmanship is as good as in the books and it can be passed on for many years to come.

Since making the dresses the temperature has dropped again and dress wearing will have to wait - maybe on the weekend?

Note to my mum - I was able to send on one large bag and a box full of soft/other toys to the charity bin so we have almost de-cluttered the house now - and just think I have a few less metres of unused fabric (these were from my pile)

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