Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Giving

This month my sewing machine has been busy sewing children's Christmas gifts.
I was able to sew up 5 gifts to put under a local charity group Christmas Tree who will pass them on to other in need.
I really enjoyed making gifts without the expectation of receiving a gift in return.
So here is the list of my Christmas Cheer.
Package 1 & 2 for 3-4 year olds.
Handmade notebook/pencil rolls - in fairies print to celebrate the new Tinkerbell movie, Basement Bargain Bindi dress and a Pamela Allen Picture book.
Package 3 for 8 - 12 year old
Note book/pencil roll complete with watercolour pencils, brush, fine art line pen and sketch book (inspired by my 9yr olds sketching set)
Package 4 for 2 - 4 year old
Doll Quilt, pillow & case and doll. Doll was made using Black Apple Doll Template on Martha Stewart Website and quilt inspired by Crazymomquilts.blogspot - my own dimensions.
Package 5 for 2-4 year old
Doll quilt, pillow & case and doll - the doll a pattern in Australian Handmade quilt was made using left over squares and my need to finally try to make a quilt using more than squares. I really loved this quilt and found it hard to part with but I can always make another.


Cass said...

Sarah what lovely gifts. I usually just buy to put under those trees but next year I will have to be more organised and make something

Anonymous said...

Sarah what a lovely thought & such wonderful gifts I am certain that you will make some one very happy on Christams day A little girl will be absolutly over the moon to open such a beautiful present your an angel.