Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dance 08

The Big day has arrived

Miranda gets to perform on stage for the first time today for 2 dances- something she has been preparing to do all year -especially the last month. Miranda was fantastic on stage and remembered all her dance moves and loved the large audience.

Bronte an old hand spent the 1st hour of the morning having her hair curled (for a change) and make-up done and was dressed and ready, Bronte had 4 dances and some quick costume changes which I was impressed she managed well.

Bronte got the special class tophie this year which as special and great recognition of her hard work throughout the year and a goodbye memory. This was our last year at this dance school, due to our move further away than practial - it is sad to say goodbye to yet another aspect of our old house, area and friends but we also look forward to the new.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful curles Bronte, your mum is very clever & congratulations to you for receiving a special trophy & Miranda looks so grown up.X

Sonya said...

Wow! I'm so glad my girls have short hair :). I love the curls too! Congrats on the trophie. We have Christmas dance concert this Saturday. By the way, love the mosaic pictures.