Friday, May 30, 2008

Blog Hibernation

Hiding away where nobody sees.....
OK well I have been here, reading not writing.
If you haven't read, I joined the gym 3 weeks ago now and have managed to get there 4 times each week, and whilst I am able to drag myself there I am finding the rest of the day is spent racing around catching up on the 2 hours lost walking on the spot.

SO my days goes something like Wake, eat, dress x3, race Bronte to school, race to the gym, drop Miranda at Creche do about 1 1/2 hours exercise, drive 15mins to Miranda's activity, feed her the remaining lunch, maybe race around the shop, cook dinner, pick up Bronte/wait till she gets home, feed the kids, race to drop Bronte to her activities and then come home and do the night thing with Miranda, get Bronte settled when she gets in and the sit down.

On the sewing front I have finished a few projects.
1st Summer Sassy Apron Swap
I really love how this apron has turned out so here is the finished product heading off over the oceans far away.
2nd Birthday Gifts
My niece is turning 3 in a few weeks and she loves dolls but has way too many so here are some doll accessories I have made

A wonky log cabin doll quilt, matching pillow, some fitted cloth nappies and I plan to make a sleeping bag as both her and her sister sleep in these.

The pillow is my favourite - I quilted each log and it really stands out.

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Anonymous said...

Really love these bright numbers Sarah, Especially the different shapes on the quilt & the cushion,