Sunday, May 4, 2008

This is...the pair of shoes I would sleep in if I could.

My contribution to the this is.. meme has been a little sporadic of late, as has my blog in general. I guess the monotony of everyday life has kept me busy and well I have not felt quite up to sharing over the past weeks - but life here has been busy with all the norms as well as some extras thrown in between.

Last week I got the joyous privilege of babysitting my 2 nieces (nearly 3yr old & 1yr old) and whilst the day was very busy/hectic is was great fun and a great honour - here is Miranda and Sophie doing a spot of painting during the day

This weeks theme for the this is meme hosted by three buttons was brought to you from Hip Hop & Banana Bread. a newbie on the blog front.

I am not much of a shoe person except that I find it hard to find nice shoes to fit and match my clothing - I am much better in the fashion department for my daughters than myself so whilst these are not shoes they are my socks that I do not go to bed without - I would have to agree with my daughter Miranda (2yrs) quote "I really really love my socks!"

Along with the This is Meme this week three buttons suggested a flash back Friday pic post 1985 as well so this is me in about 1977/78. This photo was taken with my little brother whist at day care in Woolloomooloo I was between 3-4 years old. I still have memories of this centre and remember we used to love standing up on the top floor looking down over the rail line into Kings Cross station watching the men on pushing the hand cart thingy along the rail line (As an adult pre children I worked at this centre and in this very room - the old dentists room - one of the ladies who cared for me was still there 19years later), I also remember going to the dentist there and getting little cotton log butterflies after the visit.

I hope to be a little less sporadic in my posts over the coming weeks.


Maureen said...

Ah, I love those fuzzy socks too. So nice at night shuffling round the house (dusting the floors!). And you two were little cuties.

Lisa said...

Your hair is gorgeous in that photo.

I love your fuzzy socks too.