Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Much ado about craft.

My little hand have been very busy this week creating many little projects.

Bias Tape
First there was the need to obtain 7 yard of bias tape for my apron - I decided on the make your own approach as I had bought the coordinating fabric and just could not bring myself to using that pre packaged stuff (I'm on a polyester diet) so after trying to work out how to do it a number of ways I found a great tutorial (I have lost the link but will post when I find it) I practiced on some red, and seeing that work make my pink here it is 25 metres of Bias in less than 24hours

Flower Dotee
A flower dotee for a flower dotee swap on swap-bot
Some handcrafted bookmarks using golden books for an anything goes bookmark swap over at swap-bot
Apron Progress and Bias in use.

Oh and I joined the gym on Monday morning with my mother's day gift certificate and am now paying someone so that I can WALK - I am baffled as to why I need to pay gym fees to walk when I could do the walking in the time that it would take me to drive there and back. But hey so far 2 days out of 2, (and it means I do not have to listen to Miranda cry and complain about sitting in a stroller or for that matter push a stroller at all) It was an effort to make myself exercise today as my body was a little sore but I have managed 2 days in a row to walk 2.3km, cycle 5km and cross train 2.?km - does that mean I get more ice cream tonight :) Now I have to decide weather to have a break tomorrow or just push myself and see if I can make it to the gym 4-5 days on my first week HHMMM would that create burnout??? I will decide how I feel in the morning and let fate decide by weather or not I can obtain a creche spot.

I will spare you photos on me walking on the tread mill but watch out because If I can manage to refrain from the ice cream I will surely be posting pics.

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Anonymous said...

Good on you Sarah, So proud of you & i love to log on just before i go to bed & seem waht your all up too,

Love you lots Mum

PS Love your apron