Saturday, May 31, 2008

This Is.....Our Pet

I am back on track with my This is meme - Our Pet.This is Jessie, he was bought for Bronte for her 4th Birthday present but has really become Bruce's/everyones cat. He is a monster of a cat weighing in at 8kg's and is always instructed to go on a diet by his Dr. But since Miranda has found out how to feed him a diet is a hopeless cause. Jessie was heavier than Miranda for 2 years and when she was a little baby I was very nervous about him being near her bed.

He loves to lie in the sun or curl up on the bed and sleep - and of course He LOVES to EAT!
Up until a few months ago we also had a pet Cockaroach but the pest man killed him :( He was very low maintenance but great to watch.


Two Peas In a Pod said...

He does look like Nikee. What a beauty. Rockey was always the one told he needed to go on a diet. Poor guy he was just big boned :)
thanks for sharing your beautiful cat. Cheers Kyla

Sharon said...

Aah, He's a beauty! LOVE black cats!