Thursday, April 24, 2008

School Holiday Rainy Days

We are coming to an end of school holidays with only 4 days to go before school returns and almost 2 weeks of rain means finding something indoors to occupy the kids to prevent them from drawing all over the walls. It seems that every parent and child in Sydney is out and about looking for indoor things to do.

Today I decided I would pile my two girls into the car and head to the Museum - After stalling 3 times on the way to the city and then seeing the line to get into the museum down the street and around the corner I thought that turning around and going home would provide more sanity than walls with drawing on them, especially for my high and very warranted anxiety of stalling in the middle of an intersection and getting hit by on coming traffic.

My car has stalled a few times now and once died on a main road - I was lucky to roll it into the nearest side street, but It amazes me how people beep at people who's cars have stopped in the middle of the road - do they really think that a person chooses to stop their car in the middle of a main road to potentially be rear ended

After some deliberation and a few more stalls I was about to turn left and return home when I decided I would head straight and into the direction of the Art Gallery. My nerves were not quite up to the drive home through the city.

It was a good decision and we enjoyed the Archibald Prize 2008 Exhibition,
here are a few of our favourites in order of most favoured -

We enjoyed a bite to eat, a show for the kids and a stroll through the gallery before heading home to beat peak hour traffic and the potential onslaught of angry motorists being held up on their long weekend by a mother and her two kids in a car broken down in the middle of Anzac Bridge! My trip home was filled with much anxiety, many prays and no stalling incidents - I have booked the car into the mechanic ASAP!

Have a great Anzac Long Weekend.


Banjo said...

Oh the joys of cars that don't do what you want them to do, Kids wet days etc been there done that.
Lots more to come but you'll get there.

Anonymous said...

You are so brave, I would have turned around after the first stall, You should have done a Johnnie & stood there & KICKED THE CAR !!!