Thursday, January 24, 2008

Holiday's are Happy Days

"Holidays are happy days
Happy days are holidays
Holidays are happy days
When you do what you wanna do."

We are on the Count down to Bronte going back to school with only 4 more days left to do what we want to do. When I will no longer be able to get up at 8.3oam or stay in my PJ's till 1.30pm.

Today we went to Riverside Theatre in Parramatta to see Angela and Penny's Holiday with Bronte's school friend Lucy it was great fun - lots of audience participation, Good old Aussie humor and songs about holidays, mozzies in cozzies, rubber thongs, caravans, beaches, rock pools, picnics, boogie boards and all things relating to a caravan holiday at the beach! This is definately a holiday we will be recreating in the next few years!

Angela and Penny were very funny and their songs were very catchy great for toddlers, pre-schoolers and early primary ages.

Bronte and Lucy enjoy Potato Wedges after the show.

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Banjo said...

Good one Sarah, Nana liked the Salmon Muffin Recipe, Guess I might have some soon.We are in our new house and loving it
hope you are all having fun.