Sunday, January 20, 2008

A never ending Birthday Celebration......

Bronte turns 8!

Friday 18th January (Birthdate)

We spent the morning opening presents -Bronte got her first Sewing Machine (battery operated) some sewing books, a necklace and later in the day some books.

1st Morning tea/Lunch at Max Brennan - a yummy chocolate place - we shared a Chocolate Fondue which had dark and milk chocolate served with Marshmallows, Banana Bread, Banana and Strawberries. The girls shared a Hot Chocolate while I enjoyed a delicious Cuppachino drizzled with chocolate.

In the evening we had a special Birthday dinner - pasta, garlic bread and salad in front of a Movie - Evan Almighty. Party Hats Courtesy of left over Christmas Crackers.

My Party Bunting can be seen above the Television.

Saturday - Party Day.
Bronte has 6 friends over for a Sleepover, pizza making and videos. We played Pass the parcel and made pony bead key chains. The girls had to earn money to buy their party favours - bracelet (pass the parcel) matching coin purse and a tote bag.

Pizza making Competition - The girls got to make mini pizza's to eat -Bruce was the judge of the best Pizza He got to sample 7 delicious and very different Pizzas.

Toppings included - tomato paste, cheese, pineapple, ham, peperoni, feta, salami, capsicum, mince beef, chicken, sour cream and pesto.

Ice Cream Cup Cakes - decorated with clinkers

Bronte is wearing one of the bracelets I made and mentioned in last post-

Bronte insisted on present opening time where the girls gave their presents to her and she opened them one at a time - she got lots of nice things! It was a very nice to share her presents with everyone and a nice touch to the party.

In bed -watching another video.

Our lounge/dining room hosted the whole party and due to bad weather the girls could not get out at all I was a little nervous about the tight space but we managed to host the whole thing very well and the girls all had a great time. All the girls left by 10.30 Sunday morning.

Finally to Sunday Lunch!
We had a family lunch - which was simply BBQ Chicken rolls shared with extended family - Bruce's sister Leanne, Bother Jeff, sister-in-law Kirsten Sophie and Kayla. A nice ending to a crazy but enjoyable weekend!

Bronte decorates her cake - a common theme through the weekend.

Bronte writes - I really enjoyed the presents and decorating the cake but I(just me) did not like Miranda blowing out my candles.

Sunday afternoon when everyone had gone home and Miranda was in bed Bronte and I sat on the lounge and watched Unaccompanied Minors a nice way to finish off the weekend celebrations.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,
I so love this blog site, its great to be able to see whats been happening with you guys!!

And your sewing is looking great chick, I so love those bibs!!! They are funky.

Everyone here in NZ are well and happy, we are all busy with work etc!!

Hope to see some more blog soon
love and hugs to all
Jaimee xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah, If i get my photo on a bolg ( In my PJ's) does that make me a "BLOG STAR" ? That means i am related to a ROCK STAR ?

Any way i think that Bronte has the best mum in the world,& true to form she follows Grandma I say when it's your birthday "MILK IT" squeeze all the joy from it & just celebrate the day of your birth.

Wish i was there to share the muffins they sounded delish,

Love you all heaps,