Saturday, April 5, 2008

'This knack knick/jewellery box'.

It is a rainy day in Sydney today, the clocks have been turned back 1 hour for day light savings, it is 12pm (new time) I am just dressed and thought I would get my this started by three buttons in early.

What a great theme for me today This knack knick Jewellery box - I am off to a jewellery party in a few hours but am not in the need for new jewellery as I very rarely wear this stuff here so I am sure I will not have anything to add to my box.

My knack knick jewellery is all looming around in a shoe box - I realised I bought 3 different jewellery sets for my wedding in 04 and decided I will regularly wear one of the necklaces I have not yet worn.

As a creature of habit I have been wearing a pair of small gold hoop earrings since my mum gave them to me for my 21st and have at times worn different necklaces for long stints.
Occasionally I get out some of this to wear and some of it was just bad consumerism.

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