Friday, April 11, 2008

What a week!

WOW! This week has been big and yet it has been yet another average week with all the usual happenings an a few extras thrown in.

Monday morning I had a meeting followed by an afternoon of cooking - 3 dinners, and a carrot cake. with our meals prepared I can relax a little (so I had hoped). Bronte - to Gymnastics in the evening.
Miranda felt the 10 minutes was enough of an afternoon rest and came to help cook UM MM celery
She cooks
Tuesday I again found myself in the kitchen baking Choc Chip cookies and a batch of Cookie Monster basic cookie dough (I was hoping to have it ready for an afternoon activity with Bronte's friend coming - it is still untouched in the fridge).
Miranda decided today she would not rest and came to make music whilst I baked.
She is musical

Bronte to Choir - parent demonstration class - I spent about 30 mins watching Bronte and her class mates singing and after Miranda tripped a little girl up I quickly removed myself and the overtired toddler and headed home.

Wednesday - a quick trip to Spotlight, a funeral - Bruce's Poppa died after living a very rewarding and successful life to 94yrs young, Miranda's dance lessons - another parent demonstration lesson. This time the toddler ran around the room in circles (OH MY is she going to do this up on stage at the end of the year in front of hundreds of parents?)

Miranda is seen running across the back of the class in yellow and blue.
She dances

Followed by a family dinner with Bruce's siblings - a nice evening but such a long day.

Such a great surprise awaited our arrival in the post on Wednesday Bronte has been nominated by her Choir teacher to audition for a solo/special part in the winter showcase and also to receive an Outstanding Achievement Award - It makes me so happy to know she is doing so well at singing and it is recognised by her teacher.
And to finish off this busy day I made another cotton backed fleece blanket and bag for my teeny niece's 1st birthday
Thursday - Gymbaroo, coffee with a friend and a visit from Grandma - My mum is down for a week and we are heading off for a beach holiday for the school holidays. Bronte Jazz, Ballet & Tap and again another parent demonstration class.
Today I received this cute Kentucky Local Dotee from a swap - she is very cute and is all decked out with hoses and riding paraphernalia.

Friday- Swimming lessons for Miranda, Ikea, back to swimming lessons for Bronte. Coffee with a friend and completion of my knitted washcloth! (MMMM It's is a little small) It has taken 3 days to knit and not at all relaxing in any way shape or form - I am looking forward to using it and seeing what all the fuss is about.

she knits
And She's a photographer


Liz said...

Wow, you are very busy. I think I would love to live at your house. Your children are so lucky to have such a creative mom. I look forward to contiuning to read your blog.

Elizabeth from SWAP-BOT.

Shary said...

I love this entry very much. Your Miranda sure is a handful, eh? I just had my first in December... oh what fun she will be! :)

<3 sharylove from SB

Chris said...

LOL I love her photography. Better than most of mine. =) You've got two talented girls, but then you knew that. ;-)

SmurfyTXMom at swap-bot

Lovelyart said...

What a lovely baby! and the jewel that you recive form the swapbot is so beautiful.

Sonya said...

What adorable kids! It put a smile on my face to see the cute pictures your daughter took! She reminds me of my 6 year old! Sonya from Swap-bot.

Momilani510 said...

I LOVE your blog (your little one is such a cutie...) & love all your sewing projects in your previous posts....the "mother's day sale" stuff & all the blankets & bags such lovely ideas! I'm adding your blog to my list if that's ok with you! Have a wonderful day!
Tina (momilani510 from swap bot)

sarahross said...

I enjoyed browsing through your blog at all of your projects. I really got a kick out of your stories & pictures of Miranda--I have a energetic red headed girl, too. She is just now able to get into everything...and she does!