Sunday, April 20, 2008

This is...My latest discovery

Way behind in my postings, and a missed This is....Sorry to you all but I have been playing on the South Coast of NSW (Jervis Bay) with my mum and 2 beautiful daughters and have had no computer access.
A little wet and cool for swimming (I also lost my swimmers in the pack) but lots of beach walks, catching up with friends, op shopping, and latest discovery - that I suck at knitting.I took the needles and wool with me but then forgot how to cast on, mmmmm purl????? I remembered Yarn over :) Oh I managed to make this teeny face cloth using this book before I left but without this book I can't knit!


Lisa said...

You CAN knit and you have the face washer to prove it.

Sonya said...

That's better than me! I can crochet, but have yet to figure out knitting. I read the books and get all confused :).

Maureen said...

But do you WANT to knit? or is this a citizenship requirement in Australia???