Friday, April 4, 2008

Last Minute Birthday Sewing.

Where has this week gone - It feels like it is still Monday. I have spent this week finishing off some sewing projects for the Mother's day stall at Bronte's school - I will post some pics tomorrow.

Tonight I have been busy making
2 cotton backed fleece blankets with a drawstring bag each
4 Bean bags with covers with small drawstring bag

Which are my last minute gift sewing for Bruce's cousin's son's 1st Birthday tomorrow. The second blanket is for his big brother.

I was lucky to find this great fabric at $10 for the rest of the bolt - about 5 metres.... at my local quilting fabric shop and with a metre of fleece I made my blanket. There must be a trick to sewing fleece to cotton but I did not find it. I would have loved to do a little bit of machine quilting to this to keep it together more but it would have buckled too much.

So for under $20 I have some great gifts and I still have just over 1 metre of this great fabric left for some more projects.

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