Monday, March 31, 2008

This is....The contents of my handbag

A little late with this one - we were out at the Easter Show again yesterday and after 12 1/2 hours I was not ready to photograph and post about the contents of my handbag - wish I had left it packed to blog the contents of yesterday's bag but being proficient it was all unpacked before going to bed.

Here is the contents of my everyday backbag which was featured in This Favourite Accessory.”

Nappy and Wipes - this is my nappy bag as well as handbag
Notebook - No Pen
Brochures - GymbaROO info for next term, next swim club meet info, school holiday tutoring timetable.
Petrol receipt
- $70.01 (40 litre tank) WOW petrol is just so expensive these days.
Purse + little purse
- (to fit in pocket) used yesterday at the show.
A few tampons
Mobile phone
small change

Extra Drops & gum
- my hubby works for Wrigley - it is good to see some of you with eclipse in your bags it means I can keep looking after the girls.
Cookie Man coffee card - for the all needed coffee
Littlest Pet Shop Turtle - he snuck in on Friday afternoon

This weeks This is theme was thought up by Iris + see what others have in their bags check out the list of blogs at three buttons

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah
Since i started work at 7 this morning thought i'd take a quick break and check out your blog, reminds me how busy you are and how happy our children are as a result, since you give them loads of fun activities and learning opportunities.

Love you,