Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Apron Swaps and Hearts for Mirabel

Ok So yesterday I bought the fabric for my Apron - seen in previous swap - I wash and ironed it, had the perfect pattern so all was left was to sew it.... And so last night I sewed my apron and it is finished, wrapped with some oragami dragonfly's - now all that is left is a soup recipe and some postage! Oh I am also in need of a model to get some pictures of my finished apron!

After I had finished my apron I was doing a little seaching on the web and noticed Meet Me at Mikes was doing Hearts for Mirabel and was inspired by Poop and Boogies: Observation about myself to get behind a cause - so when I went to bed and throughout the day I had been thinking about what I could contibute and here they are.

2 reversible aprons with heart pockets (only 1 shown here) - I am so in love with this black and white drill
1 heart bag (already made)
1 heart singlet and
1 heart pillow - needs filling.

I will try and get the pillow filled in the morning after I drop Bronte to school and before Miranda's Gymbaroo and off to the post they will go -

hopefully they will get to Melbourne before Feb 14th.


Maggie Pie said...

Hi.Thanks for stopping in on my blog :) I've just been to the post office to send a heart for the Mirabel foundation, I always seem to leave it to the last minute...

Anonymous said...

That's so nice! Bill will be very honored that he inspired you to do this- good for you!!