Saturday, February 2, 2008

Splish! Splash!

When I was a little girl I remember rarely being at home, from the moment we finished breakfast we would be off and out of our flat. We would go exploring the neighbourhood finding new parks to play in -I am still amazed at how many parks we found and how on earth we found our way home - One day we did get lost, finding our way to Bondi Beach but not knowing how to get home - lucky mum had a friend who lived near the beach and had a recognisable house - we found our way there and she called our mum - we didn't even know I phone number - we were between 5 & 8 Yrs old.
Whenever it rained we would be out in the streets in our underwear lying in the gutters with the water swishing over us.

Today my oldest decided she would get the umbrellas and rain coats and stand in the rain - my objection was I was vaccuming, and didn't want any mess in the house - then I remembered my childhood memories and shrugged my shoulders, left Bronte in charge of Miranda and contined with the vaccuming in peace.

They did not get that umbrellas and rain coats are meant to keep them dry.

I hope they are memories they will cherish as ours were.

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SewDelish said...

Hi Sarah thanks so much for visiting. It is lovely to discover other Aussies here.
I love that you let your children play in the rain too. We have to pretend with the hose at the moment as we have water restrictions and lots of hot weather.

I have tagged you now, come and see my tagged post to see what to do.