Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

Tonight after a busy day we went and enjoyed some Chinese celebrations staged by our local council.

Twilight noodle festival where we ate Turkish Gozleme and ice cream dots, listened to latin music and had our hands painted with traditional indian henna tattooing.

Miranda absolutely loved the music - I wish I had my camera, and really shook her hips - If you could see her dance she is a latin dancer in the making! Bronte loves her Henna Tatoo and I am sure tomorrow she will have some fabric drapped around her with a bindi (text) in between her eyes.

A great way to start a weekend. Maybe we will go back tomorrow and actually see Chinese celebrations!

Bronte is such a sound sleeper that I managed to snap several pics, with and without flash and move her hand around withou waking her up.


samantha said...

I love henna tatoo's, I wish I had a reason to wear one all the time.

rather than write all about swaps etc. in your comments section, can you send me an email? whizzme(at)bigpond(dot)net(dot)au

I'll reply as soon as I can.
:) Samantha

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time!