Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mufti = DRAMA

Who could have thought Mufti would be such a drama!

Today Bronte had Mufti day at school - she could go through her expensive wardrobe and wear anything she liked (appropriate of course). Her humorous comment of "school needs to start at 10am (instead of 9am) so we can get ready" was not humorous at 9am when we had been through tears, anger, a wardrobe and then an argument which followed with a smack, a guilt ridden mother and then NO school at all.

By 9.15am I am thinking about sitting down with maybe something strong to drink and getting over what would have seemed an easy, fun day wearing an outfit of choice rather than the grey dress of everyday.

If this is what I get at 8 what does my future hold. Whoh! Im Nervous.

SO whilst my beautiiful daughters make me Laugh Out Loud they can also make me Cry Out Loud too


Anonymous said...

Sarah, It is ok to have all the outfits but one need accessories to match maybe that was the problem 1 pair of shopes for every out fit a hat some gloves & of course then there is jewellery ?

Anonymous said...

Many a tantie yet to come brace yourself...for some fun times ahead XX