Sunday, February 24, 2008

DIY Family portrait.

As I am the photographer in the house it seems there are never many pictures of me - Now I do not mind this too much but I do not want my girls to look back through photo's of their childhood and wonder where I am or what I look like so It seems the only way I can get any photo's of thy self is to flip the view finder over and snap away......They are never great but better than the alternative......and as my auntie always says nobody ever likes photo's of themselves but looking back you never look as bad as you think at the time.

Here is our family portrait taken in September 07 posted for Becoming Lisa Luckie

and Miranda and I on Friday. I hate looking at me in pics and mirrors now but I know at 50 I will wonder what the deal was and be ever so grateful I will have photos to reminisce with.


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