Sunday, February 17, 2008

This Is......What makes my Laugh out Loud

This weeks theme for This is.... is brought to you by Poppalina

My kids really make me laugh. Today Bronte went to a Pirate party and brought home this ear ring.......

It stared with Miranda and led to a histerical laugh out loud all round and a great photo shoot. A great way to end a day.
Bronte and I spent a big chunck of today at the Creative Living Expo at Rosehill. Bruce gave me some cash to spend for Valentines Day - so I spoilt myself by buying a Moda Jelly Roll (Spring Celebration -Sandy Gervais), a peice of Flannel, a few bits of fabric and we got 2 fantastic professional photo prints shot and photoshoped for only $5 each. Bronte was insistent I had my pic taken with her so here they are.


Anonymous said...

great photos.

i love kids in the wild fun stage, sad to seem them grow out of it,

thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

great pics!! looks like your girls really know how to let loose & have fun.

I think we need to have a Creative Living Expo here- sounds like fun, too!

Lisa said...

I love the pictures! There are few pictures of my son and I together since I am usually the one behind the camera. We have yet to get our first professional pictures taken as a family and he is almost 17 months old. Tragic, I know :(