Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gumboots From Grandma

Miranda received her own special parcel in the mail today - Gumboots from Grandma - "I go Splash! Splashin in the puddles" we had to wait until we got home to try them on so here Miranda is in her new dancing outfit ready to go and splash in some puddles before dance classes. Sydney has had quite a rainy season with more to come so these gumboots will sure get some use
Bronte made it to Zone Swimming
Bronte made it to zone yesterday and swam her best - We are all so proud of her and she has a little taste of winning so is keen to do some more swimming "I wish we did swimming club more than once a month" and more racing.

I could feel her nerves just watching her - but here she is hopping out with a big smile, she did not win but lost gacefully. My heart sings with pride!


Anonymous said...

The gorgeous Miss M is something else in her gummies worn like a true star,

& Bronte... Princess B to Grandma oh how proud i am of her, what an achievement & to be able to loose gracefully is a true spirited soul

Big love from Grandma

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bronte!! What a fantastic effort.

Sarah, my friend, you are very talented! I've just been looking at some of your sewing on flickr.com Very impressive.

Loved spending time with you and your little Miranda this morning.

Have a great week.

Love Em xx