Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Little Bit of Rock n' Roll

Last Night we headed to Sydney Olympic Park for some Music by Moonlight - Celebrating the Rolling Stones.

Lots of loud music, some food and dancing, and Bronte showed us her Modelling talents.
Yes She made it! Bronte made it to the zone swimming carnival - she is very excited and keeps asking what happens if she wins and then what will happen after that - she thinks she will be heading off to the olympics. I have had to burst the bubble a little and let her know that the likelyhood of her winning is slim - she needs to take 35sec off her time to break the record! We are just celebrating the win!

Both my swaps have been sent off to thier new owners on the other side of the world! I really hope they get there quickly and are enjoyed! I loved these swaps and look forward to joining more in the future.

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