Sunday, March 16, 2008


I pulled up in my driveway after a morning Easter crafting to find a man unloading flowers in my drive???? He must have the wrong address or going to the neighbours - it's not my birthday and I have not done anything special for anyone! But he said Sarah? and Yep that is me! Who in the world would be sending ME flowers - they could only be from my husband - he must be feeling extra nice :)

(Easter Craft)

They were from Matt and Emilie, We looked after thier daughter Anastasia on Saturday night whilst they wattended a wedding - and had a last minute babysitting cancellation from thier mum.
Ana was excellent considering she had never been to our house - she had a play, watched lots of Playschool - including eating dinner infront of it, had a bath and went to bed without a fuss.
Thanks a bunch for the flowers, they are beautiful, it was a pleasure looking after Ana - I really loved being to help someone out.

I must say that Emilie cares for Miranda every friday whilst I go to Bible study so a night to me was nothing in return.

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Anonymous said...

I finally had a chance to read your blog ... you're rather entertaining you know! And you are welcome for the flowers ... you did us a HUGE favour and we so appreciated your loveliness about it all!! It was the least we could do, glad it brightened your day.
xx Em