Monday, March 3, 2008

Mini Swap Recieved!

Our Mini Swap parcel from gigglepotamus arrived today and the girls were very excited opening everything with gusto.

The Philly Favorites - TASTYKAKES were delicious...."MMMMM MMMMMM! These are good MMMMmmMmmmmMMMMMMM!" were Bronte's response as she was eating. Pointy Kitty still needs a name but did get to enjoy a lovely cup of tea after his long journey - this pointy cat is too cute and I am thinking Bronte will be wrestling me for him - I will just sneak it when she leaves home and in the mean time will strategically find him a home to share.

Miranda was keen to hang up her bird mobile and when she went to sleep she wanted to "watch it" so I left the lamp on so she could watch the birds as she fell asleep.

The girls loved the magnets sets and I was surprised to learn that Miranda knows the letters w and z (Thanks to Sesame Street I am sure).
The mini flower bag is adorable even if it was hard to stitch as was the wristlet. And then there were 2 cute little flower necklaces hidden in each bag.
Thank you Max and Wyatt we love our gifts :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad everything made it to you in one piece! We had so much fun doing this with you- I will post tomorrow about our swap- so sorry I'm behind- it's been such a crazy week!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and don't forget the necklaces should be inside the bags if you didn't find them already :)

Sarah C said...

Oh Yes I forgot the necklaces. very pretty purple flower necklaces.