Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tagged - 7 facts about me.

I have been tagged by gigglepotamus
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I know I revealed 7 things not too long ago, but this is fun…. it kinda gets me thinking about who I really am… so, here it goes:

1. In 2003 I swam 800 metres Butterfly in 18 minutes and also a 400m butterfly in the same day - I went home with a very big headache but a strong sense of pride.

2. In 2003 I competed in Aussie Masters Games at the Institute of Sport in Canberra and came 1st in 100 & 200m Butterfly & 200m Freestyle and 3rd in 100m Freestyle for 25-29year age group - lucky for me there are not as many swimmers in this age group and my times did not even hit the mark for 30 - 35 years age groups. I did alot of swimming in 2002/3

3. I lost ALOT of weight in 2001/2 and since moving to Sydney and getting married have put it all back on again. Have stopped swimming etc. etc.

4. Since having my kids I have become a hypocondriac and continually worry about getting some terinal illness leaving my kids without a mother - this is my biggest fear.

5. Since moving to Sydney I have become a bit of a loner and tend to stick to myself alot - I worry about my kids not having too many people around/to surround them if anything happened to me or Bruce - and especially worry for Bronte.

6. I find parenting hard work but love being a mum more than anything in the whole world, I really find marriage the hardest thing ever and don't love being married so much......(well I find it rather challenging ARGH!)

7. Yes I worry too much, have self-esteem, attachment and separation issues and sometimes feel like a complete basket case and I wonder why no one gets me! Go Figure.....

OK! so the last 5 facts can be squished back into the box they came out of and hidden away....I think they stem from thinking about last weeks This is...theme by Drewzel
This is..... my Demon...I still have not posted my Demons as I have too many to think about so I would rather not think about them because points 3-7 are what happen when I stew too long on them.....

So I am off to find something to craft or do to rid those nasty thoughts from popping back and my next post unless it is the this is theme will be more positive and happy la la...

Oh if you wish to be tagged PLEASE leave me a comment I can not return this tag back to Gigglepotomus again LOL.....maybe I should be bold and just tag people I know in blog land.

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Sharon said...

Hi! Glad you're happy to turn out your handbag!Umm, does this mean that I've got myself tagged?