Saturday, March 29, 2008

Meet "Sydney" Opera House

She will be heading off to South Australia on Sunday as a part of a Swap I joined - just so I could make her.

This is my first dotee doll and she was inspired of course by the Sydney Opera House. The sails as her head, sequence tiles. The use of red, lace, pearls were my imagery of opera and of course she is singing.

I had to make the body and embroidery 3 times before using felt and cream cotton and was not happy with the plain cream cotton so the added sequence on the sails were an after thought - but make it similar to the tiles used on the opera house - they are truly amazing up close.

I hope she will be loved by her new owner - I am a little hesitant about sending her off so I can keep her to myself but I am sure I will receive something just as special in my post box soon.

I got to go inside the Syd. Opera House for the first time last November to watch my daughter sing as a part of the Australian Girls Choir Annual Concert - I was very excited and have fallen in love with it's glamour and amazing architecture ever since.

We were lucky enough to win Cirque Le Grande tickets in January so I can now say I have been to the Opera House twice. In November my daughter can say she has performed at the Opera House twice.

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