Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2008

I am so excited as it s that time again. Yes the Easter Show is on and we only live 10 minutes away. I gave Bronte a day off school and we headed to the show for the first day!

I have discovered the first day is the best day of the show and this year it was even better. The 1st day of the show was quiet, no big queues, and the weather was great (it has since been rainy and overcast)
getting to vote for peoples choice in the fruit and veg display, my vote went to Central District -Happiness is.....complete with bubble machine - I loved the silhouettes. But they were all fabulous and it is just amazing how much detail is in these displays. The designers prepare for months and then it takes a team of people 2 weeks to create using paper machie, and local produce - most of the back drops are covered in various types of grain.
Bronte got to enter a meat pie decorating competition
and whilst in the animal nursery got filmed with Nicky Buckley for a spot on Talk to the Animals.

Bronte made a great friend with a calf and baby goat whom she sat with on separate occasions for a great lengths of time - the calf was so content with her that when she went back a second time he/she put it's head in her lap. I am sure this kid is only days old and so motionless that I feared his death - he had a pulse and lucky Bronte kept him safe and protected moving any harm gently away. Miranda chased all the animals around and had a ball brushing them.
-hence hundreds of tiny baby animals are hiding in the NO PEOPLE ALLOWED area wondering what on earth is going on - I really feel for these poor babies at the show waiting for crazed city kids to harass and pounce.
Our ride highlight (only 1) was the giant slide no pics as I was on the ride and I was very controlled and we missed the showbag pavilion but were lucky enough to be given a Dairy Farmers pack at the Woolworth's Fresh food cooking demo.
Miranda enjoyed Dora the Explora Show, Bronte and I loved the Hypnotist - I have never seen a hypnotist at work but I am sure addicted TOO FUNNY

After 12 hours at the show we were well and truly ready to come home and hit the sack. We will return within the fortnight as we are so close and got cheaper tickets for another day of fun.


Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun! Love those baby duckies :)

Happy Easter to you & your family!

Lisa said...

How much fun is that?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I'm tagging you. I know you tagged me with the same MEME about a month ago, but I just have to know more! LOL!

Stop by if you need a refresher on the rules :)