Sunday, March 9, 2008

A tackle on Procrastination

Yeah! I have completed 2 sewing projects which have been awaiting my attention.
Both from amy karol - Bend the Rules Sewing

1st - This sweet little jacket made for Miranda - the fabric was bought in winter/spring last year with this project in mind and now complete. I do not have a printer and hesitant to send yet another printing project to my husband so I did some of my own bending of rules and with a little measuring, guessing and drawing got this a perfect match to these sweet little pants made for winter 07 I have to say that both these patterns were super super easy even for the basic sewer and the pants are what got me started in sewing more. Miranda has quite a few of these pants in her wardrobe.

2nd - A quilt using Amy Butler prints in my favourite colour just for me. I made one for my mum for Christmas in the same fabrics but made sure I had enough to make me one too - Ok I am not quite finished I am 1/2 way through hand stitching the binding in place - I need lessons in whip stitch - no matter how many books I read I just can not work it out - but my stitch is working Ok.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah, don't take this the wrong way, but....

you make me sick. LOL

where do you get the time to make all of these beautiful things?