Sunday, March 9, 2008

This is....looking out my front door

Looking out my front door I see my husbands car and a train going by, a freshly mowed lawn, a very unkept garden, a newly tared and guttered road and the sun going down (excuse the glare).
I was lucky with the timing here because I really wanted a shot with the train going by. I Love watching the train go by and when we first moved in got excited each time a train went past - I still enjoy watching the train especially at night when you can see the people in it. We are very lucky it is rather quiet and only an inbetween line so not too busy - but it can still be heard going at 1am.
and here is looking out my front door on a rainy day in Feb. blogged here

Thanks Brooke for your input this week.

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Lark said...

Great photos - and thanks so much for the advice about NZ - it always helps to get the low-down from other parents!

Allison xx