Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Funky Monkey Quilt Top

I spent nearly the whole day sewing and I have just finished my Funky Monkey Quilt top.
Now I have to work out how in the world I am going to back such a monstrosity 130cm * 195cm (OK It is not that big - but the biggest I have made)...Hmmm what fabric should I pick and how to piece it all together - I love Flannel so the backing and binding will be flannel,which will go with the flannel charm squares I used. I will work out how much fabric I need and head back to Fat Quarter Shop

Each block is 9" and the quilt used 2 funky monkey flannel charm packs (with leftovers), and most of a jelly roll.

I think I will have to go and finish all those projects I have left unfinished whilst I contemplate that one, which includes finishing the quilt top I made for Bronte in 2005.

Miranda was a great toddler and kept herself entertained for most of the morning, afternoon and evening playing with her toys and helping me with scraps- she even took to pinning my pieces together. Here is Miranda's craft project for today - a crown made of all the cut selvage edging.

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Jacquie said...

Saw your quilt on flickr. I just love it. I have a bunch of monkey fabric too and this is just the inspiration I needed! You did a beautiful job!