Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Brown - the colour of the week.

Todays Challenge - wear brown clothes and brong brown food for Treasure Bag.
Miranda and I attend GymbaROO classes each Thursday and have been for 2 years now. Each term they focus on a diferent theme and this term it is colour and food which is the colur of the week.

I finally had motivation to sew up Miranda's new outfit last night which has been in the pile of projects to do for the past month.

The Pants are of course the my favourite pattern, and the peasant top was a comercial pattern which I tweeked quite a bit :( -I didn't draft the pattern though for next time. And Yeah it all fit perfectly with room to grow.

We took Brown bread to put into the treasure bag.

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Anonymous said...

Cute outfit! I love making peasant tops... I guess Miranda was a lot happier outside that day!